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XavierMedia.Biz offer users the opportunity to create a website to use as a hosting reseller. They offer two plans, a Basic Reseller and a Pro Reseller Plan.

A ready made website will be provided with the services, and can then be customized by the user either by adding their own designs and logos or by using handy templates. Users are also able to create their own mix of products and determine their own prices.

Customer support and billing are handled by the provider, and resellers on both plans are provided with free Traffic Blazers, Express E-mail Marketing, Secure SSL Certificates and online folders, as well as a Deluxe e-mail account, Google AdWords and MS AdCenter credits, a reseller handbook, quick start guide and more.

The pricing could become a little confusing. The reseller plan is advertised as being $59.99 per year, while on the page providing a little more detail, the price is listed as £39.54. For the Pro plan, the initial page lists $159.99, with the follow up page showing £105.46 a year. Users do not have to pre-order or pay for any products in advance, so only what is needed has to be ordered.

Assuming that this was done to show the prices in both currencies in order to attract both US and British customers, it should be noted that a British customer would save a little by actually paying in US dollars right now, as the current exchange rates will work out cheaper than the stated prices in British pounds.

It seems that few people have heard of this company, and as a result, there is a serious lack of XAVIERMEDIA.BIZ reviews. Even the most commonly known review sites have no comments on this host, which is hopefully a good sign, although no promises can be made.

While on the subject of saving money, it is worth knowing that XAVIERMEDIA.BIZ promo codes currently offer some order dependent-savings at the moment. Some of the codes we were able to locate offer XAVIERMEDIA.BIZ discounts of 5% on orders over $25, some offer 10% off orders over $50 and others offer discounts of 15% off orders over $100.

What can be said about this host? The features offered are certainly promising and if all is as well as described, resellers should be quite happy working with the company. As stated before, the lack of actual user comments or reviews makes any comments on their performance a little difficult to say the least. The best way to go ahead is to check them out and see what happens.

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xaviermedia.biz promotion codePromotions of the Web HostingWeb Hosting Discount

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