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All of the World Connect Hosting packages include FTP access, redundant OC3 connections, UPS power back-up, 24/7 monitoring, load balanced servers and of course customer services.

Similarities wane quickly after this, as the differences between the features provided with each plan do appear to be quite significant.

The Canadian company’s Personal plan, costing CAN $10, around US $9.86, per month, includes only 10 Mb of disk space, 1 Gb of bandwidth, 2 e-mail accounts (POP3) and 5 e-mail aliases, as well as either the 2000 Unix or the 2003 Windows version of MS FrontPage Extensions.

The Small Business package includes 200 Mb of storage space, 10 Gb of bandwidth, 200 e-mail accounts, unlimited aliases and forwarders, as well as the choice of FrontPage Extensions.

In addition, this package also includes CGI Support
Perl, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, SSL, MS Access and MySQL support, real Audio and Video.For a month, this will cost Can $20, or US $19.72.

Larger businesses can enjoy the third package, comprising of 300 Mb of storage space, 20 Gb of data transfer and 300 e-mail accounts, again with unlimited aliases and forwarders and the choice of FrontPage extensions.

For their money, a monthly CAN $30, US $29.58, they also get ASP and ASP.Net, CGI, MYSQL, MS Access, Perl and SSL support, real Video, Audio and a Cold FusionMX Server.

The greeting statement on the company website announces that they are dedicated to premium hosting and support. How well they are keeping this promise is a mystery, as there seem to be no actual user WORLD CONNECT HOSTING reviews anywhere.

This may be a good sign, as no news does tend to be good news. This, however, is not the case when it comes to WORLD CONNECT HOSTING promo codes. A bit of a deal would certainly come in handy with these prices, but so far, not a single WORLD CONNECT HOSTING discount could be spotted anywhere. If they do exist, they are certainly well hidden.

The lack of customer comments and reviews makes it very difficult to decide just how good this company’s services are. Considering the limits in particular on bandwidths and disk space, even on the highest priced package, on would hope for immaculate services and total reliability.

The features are certainly promising, which they need to be at the prices charged. This hosting company may well be one of the best, but they are definitely among the most expensive providers, too.

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wc-hosting.com promotion codePromotions of the Web HostingWeb Hosting Discount