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Layered Tech is a hosting company offering managed, dedicated managed and cloud hosting services. Unfortunately, it has proven to be very difficult to figure out the pricing of available plans. Customers are required to request a quote which, in spite of repeated attempts to submit a request, was unsuccessful.

It is equally difficult, if not impossible, to clearly determine what is actually included in various plans at present, although it is possible to see what was available in 2008 (and what was charged per month at the time) by visiting web-hosting-top, who list these details. As we can not guarantee that these details are still correct today, we have refrained from using them.

In any case, the company claims to offer the best in terms of services, experience, technology, flexibility and security. According to various user LAYERED TECH reviews, this may be a little of an over-statement. Some of these comments, to be perfectly honest, were actually very negative, in particular with respect to customer services and technical support.

Considering the difficulties we have experienced in just getting a quote, the overall ratings are certainly dragged down by low marks for technical knowledge and support, customer support, billing and value for money. Reliability, uptimes and connection speeds, however, received comparatively good ratings.

What does certainly speak in the company’s favour is the availability of a host of LAYERED TECH promo codes. These code include, for example, the opportunity to double RAM on standard servers, add secondary drives or free upgrades of varying descriptions, free control panels, free Standard Windows 2003, free Redhat Enterprise and more.

Some of the LAYERED TECH discounts on offer are 25% off the first quarter (3 months) on standard servers, 50% off the price for the first month or 3 free months with the purchase of a 9 months subscription.

To conclude, Layered Tech would be better off making their pricing clearer from the start, without potential customers having to go through the performance of trying to get a quote.

The fact that it takes ages of clicking from page to page before anything resembling a detailed description of features actually available is likely to put many potential users off before they get half way through and support seems to need somewhat of a shake up before it can be said that all is well.

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layeredtech.com promotion codePromotions of the Web HostingWeb Hosting Discount

Promotion code:
DOC08RAM – Double The RAM on Any Standard Server
DOC08HD – Double The Drive (Add Secondary Drive of Equal or Lesser Value)
DOC08BW – Upgrade BW from 2000GB to 3300GB on Any Standard Server
DOC08RAD – Free RAID upgrade on Any Standard Server
DOC08CP – Free Control Panel on Any Standard Server
DOC08WIN – Free Windows 2003 Standard on Any Standard Server
DOC08RH – Free Redhat Enterprise Standard on Any Standard Server
DOC081/2OT – Half off one time upgrade
DOC0850GB – Free 50GB Dynavol with the Purchase of Any Standard Server
DOC0825% – 25% off first 3 months on Any Standard Server
DOC081/2FM – Free Set Up Plus Half Off the First Month
DOCO82MON – 3 Months FREE with 9 month purchase