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Started by two Web gurus in 2002, GotWebHost.com currently provides moderately-priced hosting services with features unavailable with most other hosting providers. Aiming at experienced users with serious demands, the company offers both virtual and dedicated servers, C-class IP adresses and a whole set of other helpful features, unlike hosting companies with oversimplified feature lists oriented towards beginners.

GotWebHost’s PHP and MySQL-enabled Linux servers are guaranteed to be up more than 99% of the time.

Many plan packages are on offer, and the rates are kept low enough for the level of high-class service provided. Even the options like C-class IP addresses are quite inexpensive. Additional services include PR and Web development.

Customers are conveniently provided with DirectAdmin control panel, toll-free support numbers. It is interesting to note that two senior company officials can be easily contacted, giving a higher degree of trust for the company’s services.

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